Poetica 38

I was lost in the woods but there you were beckoning me to your forest.
Your ethereal beauty, crowning your plains and mounds.

You noticed my eyes were fixed on the fruits you owned.
Holding my hand, you led me to your royal canopy.

As you told of your dry spell, you found my growing wood.
I was easily convinced to move it to your bedding.

You looked up as the rains came down on my trunk.
As your flowers bloomed, you’d convinced me to plant a new tree.

Poetica 37

I drive carefully into the compound to avoid any unplanned blowouts.
You guide me from the outside and I’m in the right space.
I try to tip you, gratitude for the now raised tipper.
You say you want all of it, the promises and the debts.
I drill down deeper, you want the rubber to hit your roads not just bypass.
I can’t remember the right word but it rhymes with fracking.
Just one more inch and rhythmically approaches the predicted gusher.
As I hit your core, I finally get why you call it..

Poetica 36

My lips trot down your body like a knight riding off to battle.
I tug a war with your undergarments, inside my armour I grow.
Your hands flip me soon as they can find a handle.
Then you tie your hair up, as I bask in your surreal glow.
Our tongues meet, the dragon awakes the flames as you sit on my saddle.
My sword is un-sheathed, you make sure your initial movements are slow.
Soon the stallion is at full gallop, courtesy of your gyrating straddle.
We both win and lose the fight by the cock’s first crow.

Poetica 35

Like good erotic writing, you take me on a hard and wet trip.
From the couch, you decide to coach for this is not your first class.
You are in a hurry but I don’t just want dessert, I’ll have all the courses.
I will eat, I will nibble, I will lick, I just need you to suck.
An expert at making my thoughts fly, piloting my near climax.
Overtaken by desire then pleasure, I’m about to scream, “May Day!”
You drop all our gear and then on my tower you do land.
You’ll only disembark at the true end of this orgasmic mind journey.

Poetica 34

Your fingers caress me like a long, lost joint.
Your hot lips burning a trail as you puff at my point.
I’m lost in the dreams your energy creates in my head.
As you ignite a fire in my core before I drop on the bed.
I look below before my eyes roll and I bid reality adieu.
You lie atop my loins but I’m the one high with the view.
As I almost pass out from the explosion that you cause.
You smile to hide a blush then pose for applause.

Poetica 33

We rarely fight unless our bodies are in a lustful and sensual melee.
And once in a while the pillows you chose do come out to play.
You picked the wallpaper because you grab and look at it the most.
I picked the sound system hoping your screams of pleasure could be lost.
I chose your dress today for I had some naughty plans for later.
You tried to protest saying you’d be using an escalator.
It’s in this moment, with your face on our favourite wallpaper.
My pants and thoughts busy engineering a a hormonal skyscraper.
Your dress around your hips and my beam between your thighs.
The bass on the system drops as I flow in and you hit your highs.

Poetica 32

You use weekdays to rile my hormones up.
Thus the weekend finds me ready to explode.
You walk into the house like you’ve been home all week.
I remind you the feel of the walls as I deeply kiss you by the corridor.
You lead our way to the kitchen, ready to explore your hunger.
I switch the cooker on but you’re still the hottest view in my eyes.

Your dress rides up as you make a seat of the kitchen counter.
And I throw your legs open like cabinet doors.
You stifle a giggle as I find your ticklish stomach.
My tongue on a southbound journey to your
inner thighs.
Each lick draws out moans of deities and dynasties.
The dishes give way, when you can’t find anything else to fall on.

You find in my arms, transport to the king sized bed.
Lights could be off but I wouldn’t know for you light the room.
Deciding to not take all I have to dish laying down.
Your soft hands get hard to work on getting me naked.
Soon your soulful “aaahhh” is not the only message I receive.
I read your ready eyes directly as I slide into you…………….

Poetica 31

Tonight, tonight we celebrate special moments.
It would suit birthdays but it will be more like conception.
My lips find yours and too eager I bite and you whisper, “be gentle.”
I move slowly so I can trace your pulse down your neck.
You grab my head and arch your back to the wall.
Your thigh gets caught between mine as it plays a singular ballet.
Swift fingers trace your back followed by a pop.
Your pants drop as buttons suffer the same fate.

You soon insist to add to the one sided movements.
Your knees find the soft rug and I accept your perception
Your lips find All of me and too eager, you bite and I whisper, “be gentle.”
You move slowly so you can trace my veins, I’m awake.
You grab my head and I guess you’re having a ball.
Your nails grabbing my lower back like a wedding bouquet.
Swift fingers trace my back before I yell, “STOP!”
My panting is all off as I promise you’ll remember this date.

We are both soon horizontal and I become the pride of the poets.
We draw dreams on each other’s bodies, here comes the inception.
Your lips find my shaft and both too eager, we smash and whisper, “be gentle.”
You first move slowly so you can drown me in your lake.
You grab my head inside you and I almost make the call.
My hands grab you like I’m hungry at a buffet.
Swift fingers find your tiny tip and you manage one last hop.
We’re almost chanting as we explode together and I whisper, “checkmate.”

Poetica 30

She invited me as the sole curator to her gallery.
Bedsheets turned tablecloths, a meal about to be served.
Bra straps fell off like loose banners as her hands clung to the wall.
Her centerpieces arrived to the party as I ballooned in my boxers.

My party hat almost on, she insisted on a delay for the blowers.
Thirsty but no drinks, she directed me to the cake.
A lick of the icing but my target was the cherry at the top.
Her lips then lit my candle, her blowing only made the flame brighter.

Lost in the enchanting taste of her ice cream.
The pleasure unbearable, I screamed.
Her legs matched the bed frame shaking, our painting unsteady.
In our birthday suits, our brains exploded like confetti.

Poetica 29

She smiled at me, as calm as a swearing in.
I was as excited as an independence day flag.
My hands swept her waistband trying to find a place to fit in.
Her nails drew moans from my soul, she had me in the bag.

She could no longer ignore the value of the kisses on her waist.
So taxing was it to fight the carnal nibbling on her skin.
Crystal dishes lost value, she offered her treasury for a taste.
On the customized kitchen table, her demands almost mean.

I invested in my words and so did her screams grow.
The tap now running, she was not the only one soaking me.
I kissed thighland and left the shore.
Then I went down, like the economy.