Poetica 48

His eyes observe the world of wonders in front of him.
As his heart races, the hormones are no longer dormant.
His eyes close involuntarily, following her hand lines.
She feels her fissures open up, the more she closes in on him.
His breath comes in fast and raw gasps, reminiscent of his geysers.
Very much in need of his warmth, she rides astride the mountain.
As his peak hits her hot spot and her own magma flows.
His volcano erupts in an explosive high as her ass falls.

Poetica 47

The war I always have to fight with your clothes never seems fair.
Button after button like coins in a metre for my fare.
But tonight, the few silk bodies were dressed in your skin.
As my tongue ate them up before heading for the win.
I was thirsting for you but you said you were just a snack.
But I quenched it by feeding, as you lay on your back.
You clawed as my appetite rose and so did my zeal.
As I took my last gulp, you exploded into a meal.

Poetica 46

The walls grumble when you slam the door shut with a kick.
A fussy eater but apparently I’m your pick.
Your hands are frisky when you’ve been waiting all week.
They only move slowly when you find what you seek.
You have me fully on display when I only meant to peek.
Your fingers dancing their way up to my peak.
My eyes slightly close, forgetting you’re a sneak.
They soon open wide to find your body driving stick.

Poetica 45

My hair rises every time you whisper by my right ear.
My eyes light up to you delivering the erotic news.
Your hands make their way to the mic fearlessly.
Soon your lips follow them to this private speaking.
As my mind follows each of your sensual licks.
Your experienced tongue is busy sealing all my leaks.
You bring your skilled interview to an abrupt stop.
Dropping the headline and climbing atop.

I know we are headed for the press.