Poetica 35

Like good erotic writing, you take me on a hard and wet trip.
From the couch, you decide to coach for this is not your first class.
You are in a hurry but I don’t just want dessert, I’ll have all the courses.
I will eat, I will nibble, I will lick, I just need you to suck.
An expert at making my thoughts fly, piloting my near climax.
Overtaken by desire then pleasure, I’m about to scream, “May Day!”
You drop all our gear and then on my tower you do land.
You’ll only disembark at the true end of this orgasmic mind journey.

Poetica 34

Your fingers caress me like a long, lost joint.
Your hot lips burning a trail as you puff at my point.
I’m lost in the dreams your energy creates in my head.
As you ignite a fire in my core before I drop on the bed.
I look below before my eyes roll and I bid reality adieu.
You lie atop my loins but I’m the one high with the view.
As I almost pass out from the explosion that you cause.
You smile to hide a blush then pose for applause.