Poetica 32

You use weekdays to rile my hormones up.
Thus the weekend finds me ready to explode.
You walk into the house like you’ve been home all week.
I remind you the feel of the walls as I deeply kiss you by the corridor.
You lead our way to the kitchen, ready to explore your hunger.
I switch the cooker on but you’re still the hottest view in my eyes.

Your dress rides up as you make a seat of the kitchen counter.
And I throw your legs open like cabinet doors.
You stifle a giggle as I find your ticklish stomach.
My tongue on a southbound journey to your
inner thighs.
Each lick draws out moans of deities and dynasties.
The dishes give way, when you can’t find anything else to fall on.

You find in my arms, transport to the king sized bed.
Lights could be off but I wouldn’t know for you light the room.
Deciding to not take all I have to dish laying down.
Your soft hands get hard to work on getting me naked.
Soon your soulful “aaahhh” is not the only message I receive.
I read your ready eyes directly as I slide into you…………….

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