Poetica 31

Tonight, tonight we celebrate special moments.
It would suit birthdays but it will be more like conception.
My lips find yours and too eager I bite and you whisper, “be gentle.”
I move slowly so I can trace your pulse down your neck.
You grab my head and arch your back to the wall.
Your thigh gets caught between mine as it plays a singular ballet.
Swift fingers trace your back followed by a pop.
Your pants drop as buttons suffer the same fate.

You soon insist to add to the one sided movements.
Your knees find the soft rug and I accept your perception
Your lips find All of me and too eager, you bite and I whisper, “be gentle.”
You move slowly so you can trace my veins, I’m awake.
You grab my head and I guess you’re having a ball.
Your nails grabbing my lower back like a wedding bouquet.
Swift fingers trace my back before I yell, “STOP!”
My panting is all off as I promise you’ll remember this date.

We are both soon horizontal and I become the pride of the poets.
We draw dreams on each other’s bodies, here comes the inception.
Your lips find my shaft and both too eager, we smash and whisper, “be gentle.”
You first move slowly so you can drown me in your lake.
You grab my head inside you and I almost make the call.
My hands grab you like I’m hungry at a buffet.
Swift fingers find your tiny tip and you manage one last hop.
We’re almost chanting as we explode together and I whisper, “checkmate.”

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