Poetica 6

The neighbours don’t know my name.
They know the sound of clattering cutlery.
They know of broken door handles, our customary burglary.
They know of the usual construction we do at 2 AM every night.
They know only of the pound not the finger I’m wound on.
They know of the screams not the dreams you float on.
And I?
I know your body like a book.
Your mind like a new page.
The words you love and those that send you over.
The neighbours don’t know my name.
So let me it spell it inside you.

Poetica 5

I keep my tongue rhyming because your body knows the motion.
Your words got the neighbours causing a commotion.
A dime but I owe it all to you when I slide in.
Your assets on my mind got me flippin’
Counting every scratch, my back is your canvas.
We are in a tango of your truth and nails.
Your locked calves now have me delirious
Trying to stay sane in this room of repeat fails.

Poetica 4

Surely this should work for now
Ending my pleas to have you
Nudging you, wish it was my tongue
Dress on, dress off, at your entrance
Nearing that climax we both love
Underneath, your beauty is a stanza
Daring to put its life into words
Ecstatic, thinking of what comes next
Sense me, ill thoughts I have none.

Poetica 3

Eyes lock, heart races, heat rises.
Your hips rise and fall apart as your thighs embrace my head and you recline.
I taste your skin, trace the freckles with my tongue and bury my face after a gulp of air.
My eyes closed, I use my hands to trace your naked body in my mind.
Banks break as your river swells and almost drowns me.

Poetica 2

In the starry skies where I find your eyes.
May sunrise find my tongue riding the milky way.
Kissing the world as I head nether.
To find a blockade of brown immaculate gate posts.
I softly rap at the door.
The posts swing open and welcome me for a feast.
I take one last look up.
The starry eyes reach up for the last cloud.
Bon appetit, the moan escapes you.

Poetica 1

I made love to you in my dream last night.
I spilled love juice like passion inside your warmth.
I caressed your curves with every soft snore.
I kissed up and down your thighs in short tongue flicks of poetry and long sucks of prose.
I tasted all your sweetness, without a word spoken.
I kissed your lips and then plunged in between the folds.
I made you arch your back and scream.
All it took was my words.