Poetica 26

She said, “I’d rather be direct.”
Than message my hints of wants and needs.
I said, “Slow down and take a breath.”
Fogging up my glasses will interfere with my deeds.

She said, “Just lay down your spectacles.”
I said, “I’d rather move down and behold that spectacle.”
She smiled whilst warning me to stop with the wordplay.
Her eyes lied for in them I saw something playful.

Both of us unable to speak again.
I wove a poem into her body and essence.
As she hypnotized me with her moans.

Her body said, “One more time.”
I didn’t reply for I’d lost my tongue to her.

Poetica 25

Your eyes, they remind me of hump days.

When I’d pass by after work and steal you from ladies’ night.

Your cleavage reminds me of my thirst and Thursdays.

When we’d jam to the fresh reggae roots before I dug you later.

Your hips will always hop into you freaking me on Fridays.

When we’d grab at hormones and release the week’s tension.


Now the week ends, I see you in mirrors and walls.

Now we tap through windows and screens.

Poetica 24

Lost in the allure of your feminine confidence.

Thirsting for you in every way.

I like, no I love, how your ass sways to the beat of the night drums.

My body still wants you.

Dangerous curves, crash and burn.

Your ride, the experience.

This physician, qualified.

Thirsting, lusting, for you.

In every way.

Poetica 23

In quickness and slowness.
You had my belt to have and hold.
Till zippers parted and seasons changed.
I sprung from my boxers.
And your were warm temperate.

We acclimatized, moaning to the rhythm of the streets.

Poetica 22

I found the taste of your fresh skin.
Jeans tightening, flesh yearning.
Knocking over trash cans.
Park bench saved us the crash then.
Excused myself for my brash hands.

Don’t rush, slow touch them to the next.

Poetica 21

We danced in street corners by night.
Your body to the wall grinding away
I grabbed around your waist.
Felt your heart pound as I inched up.
Lips met neck and I heard that sound.

Let the next post tell them what I found.

Poetica 20

Play with my skin like it has landmines.
Blow me kisses that explode on my lips.
The bullets that find my heart and head.
They are like tanks riding my naked body.
I came with no arms but still hold you.
As you destroy me, I mushroom towards a higher cloud.

Poetica 19

Chocolate lips vibrate with desire.
Chocolate drips but won’t cool the fire.

You haven’t had enough of the ration.
I sneak in again to satisfy your passion.

Your nails dig in, I’m deeper.
Legs lock, I’m a keeper.

Poetica 18

My fingertips trace your smooth thighs.
My familiar hand steers past your rounded hips and crashes into their vertex.
You whisper your longing in between breaths.
As my fingers tune you to the highest pitch.
There will be plucking and blowing.
Leading to a percussion of musical moans.

Poetica 17

I wove words into our lovemaking.

Hoping they would tie your mind to mine.

You rode me like a boat rocking.

Held me down so I never went out of line.

We could feel the mattress sinking.

Your trembling thighs was my sign.